Jacqueline Handel-Harbour Esq.

Jacqueline Handel-Harbour Esq.

Jaqueline Handel-Harbour became associated with the firm in 1994 and shortly thereafter became a partner in 1998. She directs the firm's extensive motion and appellate practice in the various courts in which the firm appears. In her more than ten years of service to the firm's clients, Ms. Handel-Harbour has provided expert analyses of and insight into issues pertaining to the firm's representation of parties to all types of litigation.

Ms. Handel-Harbour's documents have garnered the firm and the firm's litigation counsel an outstanding reputation for preparedness and understanding of the issues confronting the Courts and Administrative Agencies before which the firm appears. Ms. Handel-Harbour's practice focuses on complex landlord-tenant issues in both the commercial and residential arenas. 

In addition, she is responsible for overseeing the preparation of pleadings and related documentation utilized by the firm in all aspects of the litigation practice including, but not limited to, cases involving contractual disputes, land ownership disputes, DHCR filings, Article 78 petitions to review agency determinations and all types of filings before the Appellate Term, Appellate Division, Court of Appeals, Federal Court and Bankruptcy Court.

Ms. Handel-Harbour received her J.D. from the California Western School of Law and her B.A. from American University.

Ms. Handel-Harbour may be reached at jhharbour@sdkpc.com or by phone at (917) 351-1335 Ext. 226.
Partner Jacqueline Handel-Harbour
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