NYC Condo & Co-op Board Representation

NY Condo & Co-op Board Representation

Sperber Denenberg & Kahan, P.C. is one of the most successful and respected law firms specializing in NYC Condo & Co-op Board Representation.

Condominium Associations, Cooperative Associations, Townhome Associations, Homeowners Associations and their duly authorized Boards have many responsibilities to owners, to shareholders, to each other and to the community. At times, they face complex legal issues that require the attention of a law firm experienced in NYC Condo and Co-op Board Representation.

NYC Condo and Co-op Boards are often tasked with resolving disputes with unit owners, shareholders, property management companies, contractors and other service providers. On occasion, local NYC and/or NYS governmental agencies may also be party to such disputes. In such circumstances, a Board or Association should engage a NY real estate law firm experienced in NYC Condo and Co-op Board Representation to represent its interests.

Sperber Denenberg & Kahan, P.C. is a NY real estate law firm experienced in all types of NYC Condo & Co-op Board Representation,including operational issues, collections, disputes and litigation.

Collection of Delinquent Assessments

  • Demand Letters
  • Payment Negotiation
  • Court Complaints
  • Liens
  • Unit Owner Foreclosure or Bankruptcy

Disputes & Litigation

  • Contract Disputes
  • Unit Owner Disputes
  • Administrative Agency Disputes

Operational Issues

  • Contract Review
  • Board Meetings
  • Owner Issues and related concerns
  • Governing Documents & Interpretation: Declaration, Bylaws, Rules & Regulations
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