NYC Landlord Tenant Law

NYC Landlord Tenant Law

Landlord Tenant law governs the rental of commercial and residential property. The landlord-tenant relationship is founded on rights and responsibilities defined by either statutory law, the common law, or the individual lease.

Sperber Denenberg & Kahan, P.C. is one of the most successful and respected law firms specializing in NY Landlord Tenant Law.

We represent commercial and residential clients in Landlord Tenant legal proceedings for properties located in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.

We are experienced in landlord-tenant legal proceedings pertaining to all types of landlord-tenant issues.

Luxury Decontrol

Luxury Decontrol (also known as High-Rent/High-Income Deregulation): A rent stabilized apartment in NY can be deregulated when the legal rent on the apartment surpasses $2,700 a month, the annual household income of the tenants has been more than $200,000 a year for the preceding two years, and the owner applies for the deregulation.

If your property is anywhere in New York CIty,  you can count on Sperber Denenberg & Kahan, P.C. for issues related to luxury decontrol of NY apartments.

Rent Deregulation

Deregulation occurs by action of the owner when a NY apartment under either rent control or rent stabilization legally meets the criteria for leaving regulation. When a NY apartment is deregulated, the rent may be set at 'market rate.'

Sperber Denenberg & Kahan, P.C. are experienced in rent deregulation of NY apartments.

Sublet, Assignment & Occupancy Issues

Sublet: The temporary transfer of a tenant's legal interest (the lease) in a NY property to another person. A tenant who sublets a NY apartment to another person is the prime tenant. The person to whom the apartment is sublet is the subtenant/sublessee. In a sublet situation, the prime tenant must abide by the rent stabilization rules that govern the building owner.

Assignments: The transfer of a tenant's legal interest (the lease) in a NY property to another person. A lease assignment conveys to another person all of the tenant's rights, whereas a sublet contemplates a temporary absence by the prime tenant with full intent to return to the NY apartment.

Occupancy: Under rent stabilization a person, other than a tenant or a member of a tenant's immediate family, occupying a premises with the consent of the tenant. Such person shall not be considered a tenant for the purposes of the Rent Stabilization Code pertaining to NY apartments.

Whether it's a Sublet, Assignment or Occupancy issue, put the experience and resources of Sperber Denenberg & Kahan, P.C. to work for you. 
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